R packages

As author

  convey: Income Concentration Analysis with Complex Survey Samples. With Djalma Pessoa (creator/author) and Anthony Damico (author).

As contributor

  lodown: locally download and prepare publicly-available microdata. With Anthony Damico (creator/author). Github repo here.


  Poverty and Inequality with Complex Survey Data. With Djalma Pessoa and Anthony Damico. Available here.

Articles and other publications

  Journal of Official Statistics. Listed as editorial collaborator in v.33, n.4, p. 1097. Available here.

  Análise de dados utilizando as libraries survey e convey do R. With Djalma Pessoa. Chapter in “Statistics With R: Inovação no Mercado Profissional”, a book composed of articles of the International Seminar of Statistics with R held at the Fluminense Federal University. Available here.

  Boas práticas: água e saneamento nas escolas. With UNICEF Brazil. Available here.

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