Chapter 1 Introduction

The R convey library estimates measures of poverty, inequality, and wellbeing. There are two other R libraries covering this subject, vardpoor (Breidaks, Liberts, and Ivanova 2020Breidaks, Juris, Martins Liberts, and Santa Ivanova. 2020. vardpoor: Estimation of Indicators on Social Exclusion and Poverty and Its Linearization, Variance Estimation. Riga, Latvia: Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia. and laeken (Alfons and Templ 2013Alfons, Andreas, and Matthias Templ. 2013. “Estimation of Social Exclusion Indicators from Complex Surveys: The R Package laeken.” Journal of Statistical Software 54 (15): 1–25., however, only convey integrates seamlessly with the R survey package (Lumley 2004Lumley, Thomas. 2004. “Analysis of Complex Survey Samples.” Journal of Statistical Software 9 (1): 1–19., 2010Lumley, Thomas. 2010. Complex Surveys: A Guide to Analysis Using r: A Guide to Analysis Using r. John Wiley; Sons., 2020Lumley, Thomas. 2020. “Survey: Analysis of Complex Survey Samples.”).

convey is free and open-source software that runs inside the R environment for statistical computing. Anyone can review and propose changes to the source code for this software. Readers are welcome to propose changes to this book as well.