1.9 Replication Designs

All major functions in the library convey have S3 methods for the classes: survey.design, svyrep.design and DBIdesign. When the argument design is
a survey design with replicate weights created by the library survey, convey uses the method svrepdesign.

Considering the remarks in (Wolter 1985Wolter, K. M. 1985. Introduction to Variance Estimation. New York: Springer-Verlag.), p. 163, concerning the deficiency of the Jackknife method in estimating the variance of quantiles, we adopted the type bootstrap instead.

The function bootVar from the library laeken , (Alfons and Templ 2013Alfons, Andreas, and Matthias Templ. 2013. “Estimation of Social Exclusion Indicators from Complex Surveys: The R Package laeken.” Journal of Statistical Software 54 (15): 1–25. http://www.jstatsoft.org/v54/i15/.), also uses the bootstrap method to estimate variances.